With more than 140 professionals, Bryan Garnier focuses its activities on 3 main fields :
- Brokerage : Historical activity of the group, this division aims to commercialize our in internal research among European fund managers. The financial analysis department is now recognized for its independent and relevant research covering almost 200 companies worldwide.
- Corporate Finance : Specialized in corporate finance operations for small and medium companies (ideally between 50 and 500 m€ capitalization), the division generated in 2012 more than 20 operations for a total amount of one billion euros. Our reputation is now widely respected in fields like health/biotech, renewable energies, brands and business services (logistics, outsourcing).
- Asset Management : We are specialized in private management and portfolio management, as explained here after.

Funds Management :
- Bryan Garnier Opportunités, fund in European equities.
- Bryan Garnier Credit Fund, bonds with maximum of 40% high yield and a low duration.
- A UCITS platform based in Malta for foreign funds management .
Private Management :
- Customized portfolio depending on our customers’ profile.
- Personalized private banking offers.
- Highly transparent and innovative individual portfolios are processed separately from each other.
We offer years of expertise to the benefits of our clients.

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Bryan, Garnier Asset Management S.A. is regulated by the "Autorité des Marchés Financiers" (AMF)
Bryan, Garnier Asset Management Ltd is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA)
Bryan, Garnier (Suisse) S.A. is a member of the VSV-ASG-SAAM (Swiss Association of Asset Managers)
Bryan, Garnier Asset Management is a member of the "Association Française de la Gestion Financière" (AFG-ASFFI)
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